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Claim authority

Elsevier publishes 25% of all scientific content in the world with articles in every field of expertise published in more than 2500 highly respected journals.

Whether you are an author of a journal paper, or if the authors used your products in their methodology, our reprint program enables you to align your organization with the authoritative name of the journal in which the paper was published.

Article reprints

Order hard copy reprints of the article in which your company is mentioned, branded with the journal name and logo, to share with potential clients. Use these authoritative marketing tools at exhibitions and within your sales packs to position you organization as a leader in the field.

Online reprints (eReprints)

eReprints are electronic copies of an article, in PDF form, for posting on a website or dissemination by electronic e-mail.

eReprints can be part of ContentConnect – an online marketing tool that brings together your reprints from ScienceDirect and documents from other sources into a microsite hosted and maintained by Elsevier. Traffic to this site is driven by online advertising or contextual linking on Sciencedirect.