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Elsevier Global Conferences

Increase brand awareness with onsite and pre-event exposure at an Elsevier conference. Targeted to specific markets, these events offer a unique opportunity for attracting new potential customers.

Elsevier has over 20 years of experience in organizing conferences, exhibitions and workshops and currently organizes over 40 international scientific conferences and exhibitions in all parts of the world annually. Events cover subjects within the 4 scientific disciplines - Life Sciences, Physical Science & Engineering, Social Sciences & Humanities and Health Sciences - and are attended by between 200 and 2000 delegates.

More than just a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO)

Elsevier's Conference department has at its disposal the extensive resources of Elsevier's publishing companies and services. As the world's leading academic publisher, we have the knowledge, networks and experience to provide top quality content and innovative solutions that enable delegates to experience true cross-disciplinary sharing of information, exceptional networking opportunities, community-wide collaborations and learning.

The Elsevier portfolio of events provides a direct route to global researchers and industry representatives in a number of communities. For each event a range of sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities exist offering both on-site and pre-event promotion of your brand.

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