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Connect with a highly qualified audience - incorporate marketing messages, product information, and advertisers' content with optional lead generation opportunities alongside premium content within the environment of global brand, ScienceDirect.

How ContentConnect works

...for the reader:

1. Esteemed ScienceDirect.com reader and luminary, Dr. Francis G. Newton, views a paper from one of Elsevier's 2,500 peer-reviewed journals. 2. SciClick recognizes that the article is relevant to the designated ContentConnect microsite and creates a text link ad with the advertiser's logo. 3. Dr. Newton clicks through to the advertiser's relevant content.
contentConnect Screenshot

...for the advertiser:

1. Science Company X wants to deliver a distinctive message to a uniquely qualified audience, highlighting products, applications, events, and/or open access peer-reviewed articles. 2. Content and target web pages are identified and provided to Elsevier and a microsite is developed with the advertiser, hosted on ScienceDirect.com. 3. SciClick 'reads' the ContentConnect site and creates relevancy profiles within ScienceDirect.com, displaying the text link ad whenever there is a match. Subscription model = unlimited SciClicks to the ContentConnect site!


Premium Content Positioning

  • Develop a focused and targeted message alongside first-rate, peer-reviewed content
  • Take advantage of SciClick Contextual Link Advertising. SciClick utilizes a unique search algorithm to match advertisers' content in context with the content on Cell.com to drive traffic to your ContentConnect site – included in the ContentConnect subscription!

Premier Brand Alignment

  • Co-branding opportunity within the vast global reach of ScienceDirect.com
  • Utilize content relevancy as the foundation for communication with a highly qualified target audience

Opportunities for Lead Generation

  • Enrich the ContentConnect site with in-demand content behind a registration form and/or survey
    • Host videos, technical notes, white papers, and posters
    • Offer licensed articles to establish expertise in a specific field or application and inform potential customers about new developments
  • Pick your article(s) from ScienceDirect.com. Choose from unlimited downloads or a specific number of downloads, according to your budget.
  • Increase overall SERP (Search Engine Results Page) presence

Subscriptions include:

  • Hosting of the ContentConnect microsite
  • Production of up to 30 pages of content
  • Unlimited SciClick Contextual Link Advertising
  • Unlimited outbound clicks
  • Monthly updates and edits
  • Comprehensive analytics