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Production and Hosting: Elsevier's global program to empower 3rd party journals.

For scholarly organizations who look to build international awareness of both themselves and their journal, Elsevier’s Production and Hosting (P&H) offering is a high quality publishing service that provides access to the infrastructure, resources, and capabilities of a global academic publishing organization, combined with the personal, and customised approach we know is essential.


Leading the way: Offer best-in-class publishing services to our customers and their journals to increase the global impact of their research output.

Who should join

To join the many already established in the programme, your academic publication (whether you are proposing a new launch, or an established journal) should be peer-reviewed with the ambition to become an international publication. The journal should have a clearly defined aims & scope, follow international ethical guidelines, be managed by an experienced academic editorial board and publish content in English.

Why you should join

Benefits of being a part of Elsevier’s global STM (Scientific, Technical & Medical) Journals organization:

  • Collaborate with the largest academic publisher in the world for improving your journal impact. Elsevier publishes more than 2,000 journals and has access to a collective resource of over 160 publishing staff, each of which are experts in their subject area. Your journal would benefit from this connection with a broader portfolio of journals in the same discipline.
  • Join a growing list of over 130 3rd party journals worldwide, that enjoy the Production and Hosting service.
  • As one of the oldest publishing houses with a proven reputation for quality, Elsevier’s STM Journals has a global spread, with offices in UK, North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. In total Elsevier’s STM Journals organization consists of approximately 660 employees who are responsible for publishing content (with the largest global market share internationally). Alongside such global colleagues, your journal would also get a dedicated team consisting of an experienced local Publishing Executive, Production Manager, Marketing Manager and a Support Manager.
  • Your journal would be included in Elsevier’s marketing campaigns, newsletters, communications which are regularly distributed to a carefully selected group of loyal authors, editors and readers. Promoting your journal within Elsevier’s network helps to attract submissions, engage reviewers and increase readership.
  • Utilize Elsevier’s organizational knowledge and experience. We work in partnership with industry leaders to support journals in handling ethical issues with membership of the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) as a standard, abstract and indexing services (e.g. Thomson Reuter’s Science Citation Index, Medline, Scopus) and much more.
  • Get exposure and awareness on the international stage. Increase content distribution and research impact by publishing on ScienceDirect, a leading full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from nearly 2,500 journals and 26,000 books. Your journal will be freely available to 10 million monthly visitors. Click to learn more about ScienceDirect.
  • Dedicated journal homepage on Elsevier.com. The homepage is search engine optimized and will end up in the highest ranks in online searches. Via the homepage you can communicate directly with the academic community, share journal statistics and highlight significant content, whilst also encouraging submissions. Click for an example.
  • Use of Elsevier's online submission and peer-review management system (EVISE) to facilitate the editorial process, build a database of qualified referees, track all steps of the process against schedule and check against duplicate/ plagiarized publication. Click to learn more about Evise.

Customized solution

All arrangements acknowledge your requirements with regard to ownership, editorial responsibility and copyright. You retain full control over your journal while benefitting from Elsevier’s infrastructure.

Financial arrangements

We offer a wide range of service levels from Regular that covers the end-to-end publishing workflow, to Premium for those desiring to enjoy the best and most comprehensive innovative features available.

Interested in Production and Hosting?

Fill in the Questionnaire and send it to Wendy or Monique to learn more about partnership opportunities with Elsevier:

Wendy Xie
Beijing office
Journal publication program
manager (Asian markets)
Monique Lamine
Amsterdam office
Director Contract Publishing