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Maximize Search Marketing efforts by uniting the vast ScienceDirect audience with Elsevier's SciClick contextual link advertising. SciClick utilizes a unique search algorithm to match advertisers' content in context with the content on ScienceDirect.com.

How SciClick works

...for the reader:

1. Esteemed ScienceDirect.com reader and luminary, Dr. Harry Q. Einstein, views a paper from one of Elsevier's 2,500 peer-reviewed journals 2. SciClick recognizes that the article is relevant to the designated web content and creates a text link ad with advertiser's logo (see image below) 3. Dr. Einstein clicks through to the advertiser's relevant content
SciClick Screenshot

...for the advertiser:

1. Science Company X makes a very wise decision in aligning their Search Marketing efforts with ScienceDirect through SciClick 2. A logo image and target web pages are identified and provided to Elsevier 3. SciClick 'reads' the designated web content and creates relevancy profiles within ScienceDirect.com, displaying the text link ad whenever there is a match. No keyword selection required and no bidding!


Align your brand with premium content

  • Promote visibility amongst a relevant audience
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Relate to the reader in real time

Capitalize on transparent return

  • Cost Per Click
  • Low monthly minimums
  • Detailed analytics

Overcome traditional Search challenges

  • Indexing barriers
  • Black hat SEO by competitors
  • Keyword bidding and missteps

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