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Promote your expertise to a global scientific audience

Elsevier webinars are powerful, all-inclusive marketing solutions to gain reputable brand awareness, build loyalty and capture qualified leads. These live multimedia presentations allow a presenter to truly engage and interact with a large scientific audience online.

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Elsevier Webinars: Connect with your ideal customers
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How it works

  1. Work with our experienced editorial team to select a topic aligned with the research interests of your intended audience. We can also help you access respected experts in the field to present on a critical issue facing your target audience.
  2. We market your webinar to your chosen audience by:
    • Sending out dedicated e-mails to relevant contacts from our extensive databases.
    • Placing targeted banners on ScienceDirect journal pages.
    • Sending out reminder e-mails to all registrants 1 hour prior to live event, and immediately after the event to inform that the event is now available on-demand.
  3. Users access your webinar for free by completing a brief registration form where we capture their contact details.
  4. Live event: each event lasts up to an hour, and involves a moderator together with up to three presenters. The moderator introduces the webinar and individual speakers at the appropriate time, moderates the live Q&A session and closes the event. Questions are entered online by attendees, and can be answered live via the audio channel.
  5. You will receive tracking and reporting details within 48 hrs of the live event.


  • Create significant brand exposure
    Elsevier webinars are highly successful in reaching a large scientific audience, as shown in Figure 1: total registrations per webinar (2009-2010).
  • Truly engage and interact with your audience: Receive immediate feedback via live Q&A and polls. Follow up on unanswered questions and generate dialogue post-event.
  • Capture qualified leads: Benefit from our extensive access to scientific communities worldwide to attract your relevant, targeted scientific audiences.
  • Benefit from extended archiving: For a limited time only, we offer 6 months of webinar hosting, delivering extended ROI.
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