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Whitepaper program

Use the Elsevier Whitepaper program to create leads and claim authority

Whitepapers are authoritative reports/studies which educate and support professionals in their decision-making. Putting a Whitepaper program on ScienceDirect or other Elsevier platforms will give you the opportunity to get your paper read by and influence an audience of research and science professionals who are the leading thinkers in their field.

Whether your objective is to generate qualitative leads, claim authority in a specific field and/or to create brand awareness, the Elsevier Whitepaper program can help you fulfill your objective.

How it works...

  1. We host your article, case study or (rich media) presentation on the Elsevier Whitepaper platform at whitepapers.elsevier.com for a period of 12 weeks.
  2. We market your whitepaper to your chosen audience by:
    • Sending out email newsletters to relevant contacts from our extensive databases.
    • Placing targeted banners on ScienceDirect journal pages.
  3. Users access your whitepaper for free by completing a registration form during which we capture their contact details.
  4. You will receive the leads for those users who have agreed to have their details passed on.

Customized pricing

The cost of this lead generation program is heavily dependent on the size and reach within your target audience. Both small, highly targeted audiences and broader, larger audiences within the research, science and technology field can be reached cost-effectively via ScienceDirect.

Advertiser benefits

  • Gain an end-to-end solution for a lead generation program. Simply provide your whitepaper and company logo, our experienced team will take care of all management, online hosting and marketing aspects.
  • Take advantage of a low-risk, high-value sales initiative. Set up costs for the white paper program are low with a low risk pricing strategy for lead delivery.
  • Get in contact with the relevant scientific audience: Elsevier has access to a vast and diverse network in the scientific community.
  • Create brand awareness and position your company as a thought leader: Your paper will be viewed by the leaders in the field. Creating brand awareness in this group of scientists will indirectly influence a broad variety of researchers in the academic, governmental and corporate field.
  • Benefit from Elsevier's experience: Take advantage of our broad and in-depth experience in whitepaper lead generation programs.
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